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  • This is likely an issue with the safety photo sensors at the bottom corners of the door. Make sure there is nothing blocking them or dust/debris on the lenses. Both sensors should have a small/pin light on and glowing constantly if they are working properly. If you notice them flashing or blinking try adjusting slightly to where the lights can read each other and stay solid. If that doesn't work please call for additional support.

  •  Usually this means that the door may have a broken spring. This makes the door very heavy, the opener may not pull the door up. We suggest that you do not try and operate the door until repairs have been performed.

  • Your door may need maintenance treatment by conditioning the rails and/or the door has worn rollers. In some cases the actual wheel falls apart from the shaft and allows the roller to fall apart. We suggest that all the rollers be replaced. Usually there are a total of 10. Our trained technicians will assess the door and let you know what will fix the issue.

  • Your operator likely has an issue with the limit force settings that control how far it is set to open/close. This can be repaired in most cases, however it may be an indication that future replacement is needed if the opener is older than 10 years.

  • We recommend annually, preventive maintenance saves time and money.





SOMMER synoris

See all advantages of our synoris garage door opener and experience safety, security and comfort where it counts.
Once SOMMER, always SOMMER.

Homelink Programming for SOMMER Synoris 310 MHz Garage Door Operator

This video shows how to program a car’s Homelink to a SOMMER Synoris 310 MHz garage door operator. The car being programmed is a 2022 Subaru Impreza, but most cars will program exactly the same way, with notable exceptions being some Mercedes-Benz models and cars that only have soft buttons (on their infotainment screens).

HomeLink SOMMER/ Direct Drive BMW Mirror

How to program a Sommer/ Direct Drive Garage Door Opener to BMW (mirror).

How to program the SOMMER wireless keypad

How to program the SOMMER wireless keypad to the garage door opener.

HomeLink SOMMER/ Direct Drive Toyota and Subaru

HomeLink SOMMER/ Direct Drive Toyota and Subaru


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